What is the best way to parse html in C#?


I preferred to make use of Majestic-12 due to the fact that I recognize it has a lot of integrated understanding along with regards to HTML that is actually discovered in the untamed. What I have actually located though is that to map the Majestic-12 results to one thing that LINQ are going to take as XML requires extra job. The code I am actually consisting of performs a great deal of this purifying, but as you utilize this you will definitely locate web pages that are refused.

You may go through an article about all of them as well as download and install the source code at http://www.blackbeltcoder.com/Articles/strings/parsing-html-tags-in-c.

I located a project contacted Fizzler that takes a jQuery/Sizzler strategy to choosing HTML elements. It’s based upon HTML Speed Stuff. It is actually currently in beta as well as just sustains a part of CSS selectors, however it’s fairly damn cool as well as refreshing to utilize CSS selectors over unpleasant XPath.

I possess a blogpost regarding Tidy.Net as well as ManagedTidy both can parsing as well as confirming (x) html files. If you do not need to have to verify stuff. I ‘d select the htmlagilitypack.

I am actually looking for a library/method to parse an html documents along with more html certain attributes than common xml parsing collections.

The issue with analyzing HTML is that it isn’t a precise science. Because HTML isn’t necessarily well-formed XML you will definitely come into great deals of issues trying to parse it.

I’ve written some code that provides “LINQ to HTML” functionality. It takes the Majestic-12 results as well as generates LINQ XML aspects. At that point you may utilize all your LINQ to XML devices against the HTML.

This is actually a dexterous HTML parser that constructs a read/write DOM as well as supports ordinary XPATH or XSLT (you really do not MUST understand XPATH neither XSLT to use it, do not stress …). It is a.NET code library that permits you to parse “away from the internet” HTML files. The parser is actually quite forgiving with “actual” deformed HTML. The item design is quite comparable to what designs System.Xml, but for HTML documents (or streams).

You may do a lot without going almonds on 3rd-party items and also mshtml (i.e. interop). make use of the System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser. Coming from there certainly, you can do such traits as “GetElementById” on an HtmlDocument or even “GetElementsByTagName” on HtmlElements. If you intend to really inteface along with the browser (imitate switch clicks on as an example), you can easily utilize a little image (imo a lesser misery than Interop) to carry out it

The Html Agility Stuff has actually been actually stated prior to – if you are choosing speed, you might additionally desire to browse through the Majestic-12 HTML parser. Its handling is actually somewhat cumbersome, but it provides a truly quick parsing experience.

I composed some courses for analyzing HTML tags in C#. If they fulfill your particular necessities, they are actually easy as well as great.

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