Use Excel pivot table as data source for another Pivot Table

I have a Pivot table in stand out that is utilizing a raw table as its data source. This pivot table is doing a bunch of grouping and summing of rows, create pivot table to excel in c#.

I ‘d like to now utilize the result of this new pivot table as the information source for a new pivot table which will even more customize this data.

In a new sheet (where you want to produce a new pivot table) press the essential mix (Alt+ D+P). In the list of data source choices choose “Microsoft Excel list of database”. Click Select and next the pivot table that you wish to utilize as a source (choose starting with the real headers of the fields). I assume that this variety is rather static and if you refresh the source pivot and it changes it’s size you would have to re-size the variety as well. Hope this helps.

Excel will not do exactly what you require directly, so you need to copy your information from the pivot table to elsewhere initially. Instead of utilizing copy then paste values, nevertheless, a much better method for lots of functions is to develop some concealed columns or a whole hidden sheet that copies values using simple formulae. When the original pivot table gets refreshed, the copy-paste method isn’t really extremely useful.

For example, if Sheet1 includes the original pivot table, then:

Create Sheet2 and put =Sheet1!A1 into Sheet2!A1
Copy that formula around as lots of cells in Sheet2 as needed to match the size of the initial pivot table.
Assuming that the original pivot table could alter size whenever it is refreshed, you could copy the formula in Sheet2 to cover the entire of the prospective location the initial pivot table could ever take. That will put great deals of nos in cells where the initial cells are currently empty, however you could prevent that by using the formula =IF( Sheet1!A1=””,””, Sheet1!A1) instead.
Develop your brand-new pivot table based upon a range within Sheet2, then conceal Sheet2.

Personally, I navigated this in a slightly various method – I had a pivot table querying an SQL server source and I was using the timeline slicer to restrict the outcomes to a date range – I then wished to summarise the pivot outcomes in another table.

I picked the ‘source’ pivot table and developed a named variety called ‘SourcePivotData’.

Produce your summary pivot tables using the called variety as a source.

I guess your objective is to show Unique (distinct) worths inside your initial Pivot table.

You could have data set with OrderNumber, OrderDate, OrderItem, orderQty

First pivot table will reveal you OrderDate and sum of OrderQty and you probably desire to see Count of distinct orders in the same Pivot. You woudln’t be able to do so within standard pivot table

You would need Office 2016 (or maybe pover Pivot may work) if you desire to do it. In office 2016 choose your information > Insert > Pivot Table > select tick “Include this information to the Information Model”

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