Use Excel pivot table as data source for another Pivot Table

I have a Pivot table in stand out that is utilizing a raw table as its data source. This pivot table is doing a bunch of grouping and summing of rows, create pivot table to excel in c#.

I would certainly as if to currently use the end result of the brand new pivot dining table as the info source for a new pivot dining table which are going to also a lot more individualize this data.

In a brand-new piece (where you would like to produce a new pivot dining table) push the necessary mix (Alt+ D+P). In the listing of data resource selections opt for “Microsoft Excel checklist of data source”. Click Select and also next the pivot table that you wish to use as a source (decide on starting with the actual headers of the areas). I presume that this assortment is actually rather stationary and if you freshen the source pivot and also it changes it is actually dimension you would certainly possess to re-size the array. Hope this helps.

Excel will certainly not carry out precisely what you demand directly, so you require to copy your details from the pivot dining table to in other places. As opposed to making use of duplicate at that point paste market values, regardless, a better method for great deals of functions is to cultivate some concealed pillars or a whole hidden sheet that copies worths using straightforward strategies. When the authentic pivot table obtains refreshed, the copy-paste method isn’t definitely exceptionally useful.

If Sheet1 includes the initial pivot table, then:

I selected the ‘resource’ pivot table as well as established a called selection contacted ‘SourcePivotData’.

Make your review pivot dining tables using decision assortment as a resource.

I think your objective is actually to present One-of-a-kind (specific) truly worths inside your first Pivot table.

Generate Sheet2 as well as put =Sheet1!A1 into Sheet2!A1
Copy that formula around as great deals of tissues in Sheet2 as needed to have to match the measurements of the first pivot dining table.
Presuming that the initial pivot table could possibly modify size whenever it is actually revitalized, you might steal the formula in Sheet2 to cover the entire of the potential site the preliminary pivot table could ever before take. That will definitely put large amounts of nos in tissues where the first cells are actually currently empty, nonetheless you could protect against that by utilizing the formula =IF( Sheet1!A1=””,””, Sheet1!A1) as an alternative.
Create your brand-new pivot dining table located upon an array within Sheet2, then cover Sheet2.

Individually, I navigated this in a slightly different technique – I had a pivot table inquiring an SQL web server resource as well as I was utilizing the timetable slicer to restrict the outcomes to a date variation – I then preferred to sum up the pivot outcomes in yet another dining table.

You could possibly have data prepared along with OrderNumber, OrderDate, OrderItem, orderQty

Pivot dining table will certainly disclose you OrderDate and sum of OrderQty as well as you perhaps intend to view Matter of unique purchases in the very same Pivot. You woudln’t have the capacity to carry out so within regular pivot dining table

If you want to perform it, you will need Office 2016 (or possibly pover Pivot may work). In office 2016 choose your details > Insert > Swivel Dining table > pick beat “Include this information to the Relevant information Design”

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