The “Installed Software” vs “Features” vs “Plug-ins” in eclipse

When I click the Installation Details in eclipse, enter image description here

I got this tab for Installed software

enter image description here

and a tab for Features

enter image description here

and a tab for plug-ins.

enter image description here

What are the relationships between eclipse software, eclipse features, and eclipse plugin as is shown in this window?

I guess Help -> Install New Software ... to install software, and software is comprised of a bunch of related plugins. Those two tabs are just the same contents (software names/plugin names) that is installed from Install New Software ... menu?

In his answer, Bananeweizen says Eclipse “features” are the smallest installable pieces of Eclipse applications for users (e.g. the Java development toolkit). They consist of multiple plugins, where plugins are the smallest pieces that make sense from the developers point of view (e.g. org.eclipse.jdt.core, org.eclipse.jdt.ui, org.eclipse.jdt.somethingelse)., but to me it seems like eclipse feature is almost the same as eclipse software, and eclipse application is a set of eclipse software(feature) on top of eclipse platform.

Yep, software application may features various plugins. “Mounted” certainly not simply means that you have actually mounted all of them through upgrade web site, yet also this software application were featured during that package deal of eclipse.

A plugin is that adds particular capabilities to a larger program function.

Again, an Eclipse installation method installs features, some of them on request of the user, some of all of them on request of the system to be capable to mount those from the individual.

While eclipse software is actually a set of plugins(Typically gotten in touch with RCP-Rich Customer Platform )which provide a total functions to shroud SDK.

The features list on the contrary includes all components set up in this Eclipse instance. It features all things from “set up software application” and it consists of the reliances of the things from “put up software application”. Those are actually the functions which you performed certainly not decide on to put in on your own, yet the Eclipse P2 improve manager determined that, to be able to fulfill your installation ask for.

A collection of plugin which supplies a comprehensive functions is actually RCP, Yes it is actually an eclipse use. But also for eclipse SDK our team may mention that a lot of plugins which gives certain capability to overshadow SDK is a software for eclipse. RCP is a collection of plugins which gives certain attribute or activity for client viewpoint, however it created providing component for client and eclipse software application deliver function to shroud SDK.

To make this all more complicated, Eclipse functions are typically described as “plugins” through Eclipse consumers, although that is certainly not remedy. So if you go through concerning one thing like “putting in the PHP plugin”, that really pertains to putting in the PHP function, which again includes numerous plugins (but you do not find those as an Eclipse individual, merely as an Eclipse developer).

“Mounted software application” is that subset of components, which you as a consumer proactively choose to put up in this particular Eclipse circumstances.

Each plug-in 1) Results in 1 or even more extension aspects( Means it can enhance his residential property through merely connecting it to any kind of expansion aspect) 2.) Tiny collection of prog which normally need JRE and also incorporate some little component to your Eclipse SDK.

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