How to specify requirements for Office (Word + Excel) Addin?

When we put your add-in as well as released it, we might immediately find a notification in your add-in that the code demands Word 2016 or even higher. If you carry out certainly not back 2013 SP1 given that you are actually utilizing an API merely readily available in 2016/Online, you must put these apis in the requirements tag in your show.

Due to the fact that you are actually demanding both WordApi and also ExcelApi, your add-in will only turn up if the Office Application sustains each of these. Considering that there isn’t an Office Use that assists both, your Add-in simply will not present up.

I know along with the FileType.Text means, it’s working (I obtained the proper value), yet I want to keep the version (different colors, dimension …).

Do I have a technique in the Office Js collection (or angular5 without brand-new element) to open/display the outcome of my getFileAsync straight in my Word Document? (I am an amateur for both of them).

And also there’s a DocumentBeforeSave celebration that advises when a Save command has been actually released.

Later, my goal is to receive a report from a service,. docx or zip, upgrade the document in my Add-in as well as deliver it back.

It could be the very same app/code, you just require pair of manifest.xml reports; one for Word as well as one more for Excel. When providing to the Retail store, I would certainly advise sticking to the single manifest and also list below Office Outlet Programmer Comms’ directions. When it comes to AppSource after all, they are the definite source.

With Office.FileType.Text: my uncooked information was right, I failed my encoding, it was certainly not proper however the result.value was what I yearned for.

I am actually using Office.FileType.Compressed to receive the whole document (after upgrade), how can I inspect if my document is still appropriate (records as well as Type)?

Words JS API likewise has a Document.Saved residential or commercial property:

For the second, I perform certainly not have a “back”, I am actually servicing document available through myself.
I do certainly not have any type of company where I could possibly send or conserve my documents.

When you describe Criteria in your show, you are informing Office that it ought to merely appear your Add-in when all off the Requirments have been actually met.

If modifications have actually been created, there is actually a Saved building which may be inquired to find out. This doesn’t imply, however, that no changes have actually been created to the document. It only reports whether there are actually any kind of modifications that haven’t yet been actually spared to hard drive (True = no modification hanging; False = adjustments current in mind that have not however been actually conserved).

All add-ins as well as applications undergone the Office Shop need to adhere to the Office Establishment Recognition Policies Specifically area 4.12.1, “Your add-in should function around all systems that sustain the approaches that you specify in the Demands factor in your add-in show.” For particulars concerning which platforms assist which procedures, view Office Add-in lot and platform supply.

Our team possess an Addin that may work on Word and Excel, however I intend to confine it simply to certain systems (Word 2016 or even better, Excel 2016 or even more significant). Exactly how can I do it using Manifest file?

Currently, the only method to sustain both WordApi and also ExcelApi in your Add-in is to have two distinctive manifests; one for Word and yet another for Excel.

Then it are going to not present up in various other clients, if your reveal consists of Word API (or any sort of lot specific API). If your add-in is actually created to function in numerous customers, and also calls for an API certainly not currently sustained in Office 2013, feel free to include these information in the examination details of your upcoming article. Must the recognition team require any type of extra information to address the concern, they are going to reachout to you at the email address on report to discuss exactly how to proceed.

Later on, what is actually the appropriate method to tons as well as open the document cope my solutions in Word (office Js)?

You can easily place a document from whatever resource (as long as is actually base64-encoded) into your presently opened document utilizing the insertFileFromBase64 method.
You can easily also open the document in a brand-new Word home window. (using application.createDocument API).

Listed here is a text lab example on exactly how to perform both. FYI: text laboratory is actually an add-in our experts utilize to discuss code snippets, find out just how to utilize it on

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