How to extract PDF fields from a filled out form?

I’m aiming to use Python to procedures some PDF kinds that were completed and signed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The pdfminer demonstration: it didn’t dispose any of the submitted data. pyPdf: it maxed a core for 2 minutes when I attempted to load the file with PdfFileReader( f) and I simply gave up and eliminated it. Jython and PDFBox: got that working fantastic but the startup time is extreme, I’ll just compose an external utility in straight Java if that’s my only option.

You need to be able to do it with pdfminer, however it will require some delving into the internals of pdfminer and some understanding about the pdf format (wrt types naturally, but likewise about pdf’s internal structures like “dictionaries” and “indirect things”).

Exists a method to display the pdf type fields name on the PDF with php, nay command line tool. I am utilizing php( yii) and pdftk for pdf filling and other pdf handling function. similar to in this image.i just wish to show the field name on the pdf. I am successfull to show the field name on the text form in c#. Cannot on the checkboxes, radio button etc

. Do you desire to show the kind field names ON the PDF pages or simply gain access to these info with php? Do you also want to fill out the fields with PHP however via CLI? i just wish to show the field name on the pdf. I am successfull to display the field name on the text. but can’t on the checkboxes, radio button etc

. The field worth (/ V) is correct for both PDFs nevertheless the field appearance is not. One Pdf is working fine the other scrambles unique character like the euro symbol EUR or German characters like abc. I aimed to define an alternative typeface (as explained in the book) however never got EUR and b to work.

The only distinction I could discover is that a/ DR dictionary is defined on field level for the non-working PDF (in adition to the worldwide one). However if I eliminate it, the EUR indication still does not work. Please note, that I am not speaking about asian or some exotic unicode characters here – all become part of the standard helvetica font style (as the other PDF shows).

Or does the PDF violates the pdf spec in some way? If you suggest to change the form field font style – how can I differentiate in between working and non working PDF files considering that I do not desire to do that for perfectly valid and working files.

I didn’t discover any ideas in the PDF referral about this, however the font that is used for the field does not define an encoding. Nevertheless: an encoding is specified at the level of the resource dictionary (/ DR). If you use that encoding, then the appearance of the field is created properly. Keep in mind that the ISO specification does not state anything about the presence of an/ Encoding entry at the level of the resource dictionary.

I’ve made a small update to iText. You can examine the modifications in revision 6693. By doing this, iText will now examine if the/ DR dictionary has encoding values in case no encoding is specified at the level of the font style. With this repair, your type is submitted correctly.

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