convert word document to pdf

Utilizing word by means of OLE hands free operation (Keep in mind: word COM is actually not re-entrant – produce sure not to call this concurrently coming from various strings):.

I possess a RadGridView which needs to be exported to doc, csv, xls and pdf format. The export to xls, csv as well as doc operates fine … yet there is actually something incorrect in shipping it to pdf style. The export to pdf works yet the columns that i conceal still reveals .

I have actually composed a functionality that turns Word files to PDF using C#. The code works perfectly alright for converting doc and also docx data to PDF. Having said that for sure word files, the function throws an exception “Command Stopped working”.

So i simply thought about transporting the RadGridView to pdf by: transporting it to word then convert it to pdf programmatically .

Incidentally, below’s my code for transporting to word.

WdExportFormat paramExportFormat = WdExportFormat.wdExportFormatPDF;
                    bool paramOpenAfterExport = false;
                    WdExportOptimizeFor paramExportOptimizeFor = WdExportOptimizeFor.wdExportOptimizeForPrint;
                    WdExportRange paramExportRange = WdExportRange.wdExportAllDocument;
                    int paramStartPage = 0;
                    int paramEndPage = 0;
                    WdExportItem paramExportItem = WdExportItem.wdExportDocumentContent;

                    // Export the file to PDF. 
                        paramExportFormat, paramOpenAfterExport,
                        paramExportOptimizeFor, paramExportRange, paramStartPage,
                        paramEndPage, paramExportItem, paramIncludeDocProps,
                        paramKeepIRM, paramCreateBookmarks, paramDocStructureTags,
                        paramBitmapMissingFonts, paramUseISO19005_1,
                        ref m);

If you open one of the “busted” files in Word on your own as well as manually conserve as a PDF does it operate?

It appears like iDiTect has a remedy for this, and also because it is platform private I am gon na go on as well as think it has no problematic dependencies. The problem is that it sets you back funds.

As for a free of charge option you can easily phone a 3rd party internet solution, there are most of them, I guess some of them have some C# APi.

My only answer appears like relocating to an Azure Cloud Company which does possess GDI+ in .NET, however I will favor to keep my application as an App Solution.

Is actually there any means to convert a Word documentation to a PDF in a Glowing Blue App Solution? I can’t use any sort of Office collections as I don’t yearn for any type of office addictions. A lot of the 3rd party services seem to be to make use of c# GDI+ which is actually not a possibility on Azure App Solution.

I would recommend to check out at OpenXML it is actually an office paper public library, and also I am actually quite certain it has no unusual reliances The problem is that it does not support sales, so you will definitely either need to perform it by hand, or even explore the internet for some 3rd event collection that aids you perform it, I couldn’t find any sort of.

For one of the reports that was generating this mistake, I tried tweaking the existing environments of the file through navigating to Submit > Aid > Choices > Depend On Facility > Depend On Facility Settings > Report Block Setups yet it didn’t operate.

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