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You may inspect the Excel to PDF in C#, VB.NET write-up for comprehensive information. Chance I comprehended your purpose the right way.

I am actually using phpSpreadsheet to convert an Excel data actually in mind to a pdf, however I am actually acquiring this deadly inaccuracy notification.

You could utilize iText to create a pdf report in java and make use of Apache POI to access the data in the MS-EXCEL data. You could convert your stand out file if you incorporate both.

I am actually making an effort to convert stand out data in to pdf utilizing c# public library, yet the contents of stand out( especially if boundary is there in succeed) is actually overlapping along with the footer page number, I tried to update the distance of footer but still concern is actually same. Any sort of tip?

As for I understand, the c# collection permits transforming succeed to pdf having said that the PDF library does not. Can you verify which collection you were using? You can make an effort to establish the elevation of the PDF page like below code if it is actually Spire.XLS.

I have made an effort to convert succeed to PDFand I might convert it. While opening that documents I am getting error as observing in image.

I have recommend this link How perform I convert Word data to PDF programmatically? coming from this hyperlink I might fix my Word to PDF file transformation concern. where I don’t have to set up office on server as well as very same thing I would like to create for excel and PPT reports.

Because I possess used JXL api for stand out but now I intend to convert it to Pdf file thus please inform me how to transform my code to convert succeed to pdf?

The code is actually functioning. Merely examine whether you are passing correct file name (with extention) criterion for source and target. Also check whether your put up office possess spare as PDF option

A fresh example is actually given here

There is this new API: You may make an effort Aspose.Cells for Java which allows you to convert Excel file to PDF in Java treatments. It doesn’t require MS Office/OpenOffice etc to become put up on your growth or even implementation equipment. It likewise focuses on each Windows as well as Linux platforms.

How can I convert Excel documents (data) to PDF in an automated fashion trend? I am trying to conform the remedy discovered listed below to Excel.

A PDF documents is developed but it is false and also will not open up in an audience. I am actually presuming that maybe style 17 isn’t the correct one for Excel. Carries out any person understand the correct amount or exactly how to receive this working?

Try to use.ExportAsFixedFormat building instead of.SaveAs. First one appropriates for developing PDF documents in Excel yet certainly not SaveAs which does not assist PDF style.

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