Applying watermarks on pdf files when users try to download the files

The solutions for my school’s projects all have watermarks on the PDFs with our username on it.

I was wondering if you people understand the best ways to do something like that using PHP? Do they run a script prior to the download process?

There are a number of extremely excellent PDF libs for PHP, if I were composing such a program I ‘d simply shell out to run pdftk but you’ still need to produce your watermark.

Needed to do this the other day and here’s how with no external non-PHP libs that require to be installed. The only 2 libs required are both PHP libs and are easy to obtain. Now you can utilize the class listed below to attain watermarking.

I am creating PDF from canva and utilizing jsPDF to create it.

Here is my code exactly what I am utilizing I desire to add watermark into page. Can anybody help me because?

You can include your watermark be it an image or text manually at each page first, then include your contents so that it won’t overlaps each other.

In this approach you have add/call the watermark on adding each brand-new page too. doc.addPage();.

At the end of PDF generation you could call a function that perform adding watermarks for all pages.

Let’s say I desire to include watermark to all my pages after PDF generation.

You can include an image (png) same size of page initially then add rest of the contents. The actual content would not overlapped with watermark. Watermark your page then include material. Do this for each new page addition too!

I’m establishing an web application, I have a tables and I want to develop, each table as a pdf with watermark. I am attempting to produce pdf with watermark utilizing jquery.

You will not be able to do this with simply jQuery – it’s not implied to export PDFs.

You might use jsPDF, when going through the div or table you just set the background equivalent to your watermark.

, if you want to protect text content it won’t be particularly easy.. Otherwise, you can just transform to image and overlay a nontransparent variation of your watermark with any PDF library.

You are able to include watermark to pdf at back end. You could utilize pdfbox, itextpdf to include watermark. Just view my job pdfProject, you could add watermark easily.

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